When one of our local schools recently asked for some volunteers to fill in their long abandoned pond and make the area safe for the children, we were only too happy to help.

When we visited the school to see what needed to be done, we felt it would be a shame to leave the area abandoned, and developed a plan to create an outdoor learning area that could be used by the schools children.

After the pond was filled and made safe, we supplied and installed additional drainage, a storytellers bench and chair, and finished the area with a rubber crumb surface. The surrounding flowerbeds were finished with bark chippings, supplied by our friends at the EH Smith Charitable Trust.

The schools Headteacher, Mrs Wright, summed up ‘What you have created is nothing short of amazing. This outside area will be a legacy that hundreds of children will use well into the future.’

We wish the school and it’s children many happy hours of learning in their new Storytellers Corner.